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Foreign to Familiar
By Sarah Lanier

Foreign to Familiar is a splendidly written, well-researched work on cultures. Anyone traveling abroad should not leave home without this valuable resource! I highly recommend it as required reading for cross-cultural workers. Sarah Lanier's love and sensitivity for people of all nations will touch your heart. This book creates within us a greater appreciation for our extended families around the world and an increased desire to better serve them. --
Dr. Kingsley A. Fletcher
President, Hope for Africa, Inc.
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina


The Masterpiece
Painted in Blood, Flood lit with Glory

by Sandy Kirk

As John looks up at Jesus, he gazes on the turning point of history. This is the apex of all time. The pinnacle. The mountain peak. It is the axis around which angels revolve. The supreme focus of Eternity. The heart of all Heaven. This is God's love song without sound. His sermon without words. His dance without motion. His classic work of art. It is God's Masterpiece, painted in blood and floodlit with glory. Yes, here on this lonely mount called Calvary, God the Father has dipped His brush into the blood of His own Son.
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Once Upon a Prayer
How to Hear God in Your Heart

by David Manuel

It is meant for those to whom God is a reality-a personal, caring Creator. It is for those who believe that He put them on earth for a reason-to become His companions for Time and Eternity.

It has been suggested that the book and the writer's exercise it contains should be for only those who have read at least the New Testament and are in the process of reading the entire Bible.
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Praying with Authority and Power Companion Study Guide
by Barbara Potts

The book, Praying with Authority and Power, was written to provide instruction in what the Bible says about the purpose and power of prayer, and to motivate deeper passion for, and commitment to, the discipline of intercession. Written to address different levels of prayer experience, the goal of this Companion Study Guide is to encourage and empower personal and corporate prophetic intercession by providing a platform for group discussion and/or personal meditation on the principles and truths taught in the book.
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