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Christ and His Seven Churches
What the Messages to the Seven Churches of Revelaton Mean to Us Today

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by Delatte, Carl A.
ISBN: 1-884369-96-0
Price: 16.99 (154 pages)
Internet Price: 14.44
Books per carton: 51
Tradepaper 6 x 9

Does what Christ had to say to seven first-century churches in Asia Minor have anything to do with our daily lives? Are these messages relevant to what Christians are experiencing in the early years of the new millenium? How can we understand John's Revelation in the light of modern events and the news stories of today? These and many other questions are answered by the author as he shows us from God's Word how seven personal letters written by Jesus to the churches of the first century can impact our personal lives for good and how we can receive a personal message from the Lord as well

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