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The Dreamer's Daughter

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by Prado, Kate
ISBN: 9781581581706
Price: 8.99 (120 pages)
Internet Price: 7.64
Books per carton: 9999
Tradepaper 5 x 8

In 2005 I wrote a small book of verses called, Angels Wings and Secret Things. The words came to me after one of the hardest challenges in my entire lifetime. While walking through this Valley of Dry Bones, I learned that it was possible to grow, even in the bleakest of times, and to learn to dream once more. Both my Heavenly Father, and my earthly father, inspired me to write The Dreamers Daughter. I pray these verses will encourage and give hope to each reader. If you too are in your own valley of darkness, know this for sure, that God can heal torn wings and help you soar again! Kate Prado-

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