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Glory of the Lamb, The
Exploring the Depths of God’s Eternal Sacrifice

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by Kirk, Sandy Davis
ISBN: 1-58158-116-4
Price: 9.99 (128 pages)
Internet Price: 8.49
Books per carton: 60
Hardback 5 1/4 x 6 3/4

Christs death on the cross glorious? Absolutely! The perfect sacrifice Jesus offered on the cross of Calvary, by willingly giving up His own life for ours, was the greatest display of the glory of God ever known to man. No other moment in all of human history ever displayed the glory of God's love so magnificently. But to see the glory in the death of Gods Son, you must examine the depths of that sacrifice. Open the pages of this book to follow the story as told through the eyes of the apostle John. Follow his eyewitness account of his encounter with the Lamb of God, for you must receive a revelation of the Lamb in order to see His glory!

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