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Empowered for Life
Living Day by Day in the Anointing

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by Bagwell, Tim
ISBN: 1-58158-042-8
Price: 11.99 (152 pages)
Internet Price: 10.19
Books per carton: 68
Tradepaper 5 x 8

Too often the spiritual people among us seem to have lost the practical skills they need to be successful in life, and the practical people among us seem not to possess the spiritual virtues that would bring them ultimate success. Joseph had it all: incredible brilliance, supernatural giftedness, impeccable character and uncompromised holiness. He was the type of man that we should all aspire to be. He was truly living day by day in the anointing. This is not just another narrative of the life of Joseph. I consider him to be the ultimate prototype for the anointed, empowered lifestyle.Dr. Tim Bagwell

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