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After the Cross

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by Bagwell, Tim
ISBN: 1-58158-034-7
Price: 9.99 (176 pages)
Internet Price: 8.49
Books per carton: 56
Tradepaper 5 x 8

Not only did Jesus die for us, but He is also living for us NOW! And because He is living for us, He is able to save us to the uttermost. God has a hidden agenda for the Church, and it is revealed in After the Cross. He has veiled, or hidden, in the Scriptures some of the greatest revelation of the New Testament in the following simple, one-syllable words: As he is, so are we in this world. God has chosen foolish, weak and despised individuals to show His wisdom, strength and glory to the world. His will for His children, therefore, is that we should walk in His victory and blessing. Satan has been defeated, and we are joint heirs with Jesus of all the Fathers goodness. As Jesus was preparing His disciples for His resurrection, He promised them that their joy would become full. The truths expressed in After the Cross will cause YOUR joy to become full, too. They will enable you to walk in all the authority resident in Jesus name and to do great works in His name. They will help you to know Jesus in the power of His resurrection.

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