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No High Like the Most High

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by Bagwell, Tim
ISBN: 1-884369-90-1
Price: 16.99 (176 pages)
Internet Price: 14.44
Books per carton: 66
Tradepaper 6 x 9

You have a very real destiny that your heavenly Father has planned specifically for your life. In this compelling book, Kent Mattox candidly writes about personal insights and revelations he has experienced in fulfilling the call of God. The discoveries along the way are not unique to one man's experience, but rather represent every believer's climb on the continual journey to the High Places of God. The surprising aspect of this material may be that it reads as though you could have written it yourself. This inspirational and motivational book was written to appeal to the believer, as well as to those who have not yet come to the knowledge of Christ's deep, abiding love. It was written to encourage those who read it to realize that we all have a godly destiny. • Through faith in God, you have the ability to overcome every obstacle. • God is not only working out the details of your life to fulfill your destiny, He has given you the will to fulfill it. • Ultimately, you have the peace of knowing it is not your responsibility to find your destiny. It is your response to God's ability that will lead and guide you. Wherever you are in your journey to the High Places, this book will encourage you to maintain your focus and succeed in reaching the high call of fulfilling your destiny. Realizing we have a specific purpose is the first step to understanding that the call of God is the call from God to fulfill that purpose.

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