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Eye of the Needle, The
And Other Prophetic Parables

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by Baker, Charlotte
ISBN: 1-884369-62-6
Price: 8.99 (140 pages)
Internet Price: 7.64
Books per carton: 56
Tradepaper 5 x 8

I have never met a person with a more dynamic and inspirational prophetic gift than Dr. Charlotte Baker. Her prophetic visions so reach the heart and paint pictures in the mind that they are almost impossible to ignore. I’ve seen entire congregations fall to their knees or faces, myself included, while she shared what she was seeing.I am thrilled that some of these revelations are now being released in book form? Judson Cornwall The truths that are brought forth through the exposition of these parables comes out of a burning heart and the mind of one of the greatest revivalists of our time. Reading this book will cause you to want to draw close to Jesus and to become more and more like Him.? David E. Shock

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