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Jerusalem, Zion, Israel and the Nations

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by Heflin, Ruth
ISBN: 1-884369-65-0
Price: 16.99 (322 pages)
Internet Price: 14.44
Books per carton: 40
Tradepaper 5 x 7

God is returning the focus once again to Jerusalem. The place of beginnings is also the place of endings. And Gods endings are always glorious. As Moses saw the Promised Land from Nebo, one sees the world from Jerusalem.Having lived in Jerusalem for many years and having traveled from there to the nations, Ruth Heflin has a unique insight that has enabled her to compile Gods promises into this unique publication, which is an essential in this hour. A classic in every sense, it contains every Bible promise concerning the Holy City, the Nation of Israel and her affect on the other nations in the days to come, all arranged by easy to locate subjects. The book is further indexed for those who want to search out a particular passage in Gods promises for Jerusalem, Zion, Israel and the Nations.

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